Security Services in Naples for Celebrities

security-servicesThere are loads of celebrities that not only live in Naples, but also those who visit this beautiful area. Although Naples certainly is not known as a city with a high rate of crime, most celebrities still require limo services that include security services. This is especially true for those who are very popular and well-known to the general public. Few celebrities want the limo services driver to open the door, only to be flocked by a bunch of Naples residents and visitors. While it is nice to be recognized, sometimes it can be nicer to be able to move around at will without the fanfare. Hiring a Naples limo services company that also provides security services is essential for a celebrity to enjoy his or her stay in SW FL. At Ocean Line Transportation Inc., we offer complete transportation services and work closely with our security affiliate to ensure the safety and privacy of celebrities.
Naples Security Services for Athletes

If there is one thing that Naples residents can agree on, it’s that they enjoy their sports. Naturally, few agree upon their favorite teams or most important players, but most people in Naples can recognize many professional athletes. In fact, quite a few well-known athletes reside in the area, including Football Hall of Famer, Jim Hart and the former defensive tackle for the Miami Dolphins, Bill Barnett. Although they are seen around town all the time, a new pro athlete could cause a stir. For this reason, it’s wise to hire a transportation service company that has a close relationship with a Naples security services company. Ocean Line Transportation Inc. provides athletes with professional security services in conjunction with their transportation services.
Security Services in Naples for Political Figures

When political figures visit the Naples area, it is necessary that they enlist the services of a professional security and transportation company. SW FL residents are very involved in local, state and national politics, so it is more likely than not a high profile politician will be recognized. Private security services will help the political figure enjoy his or her stay in Naples much more comfortably. Ocean Line Transportation Inc. has a security services company that they work with regularly, while providing discreet transportation services for political figures.
Ocean Line Transportation Inc. Security Services

When you need private security services as well as discreet transportation services in Naples, Ocean Line Transportation Inc. is the only company to contact. With a close relationship between their limo services company and the premiere security services company, the client is always in good hands. Call 239-249-8039 to arrange for your choice of transportation services luxury vehicle, and to speak to our security services affiliate in Naples.