About Us

Ocean Line Transportation Inc. was started in 2008 as a one car service. It is truly a grassroots story drumming up early business with traditionally mailers and by word of mouth. By providing consistent service of the highest standard the company grew and gained a positive reputation with the Executive Travel Sector and High Net-Worth private families seeking a smaller more hands on company. Eventually we started providing service in the general aviation sector and servicing group needs. Slowly we grew into a leading mid-size provider in Southwest Florida growing large enough to handle the needs of groups but still small enough to provide an intimate partner for our individual travelers and affiliates. The company is still owned and operated by it's original founder and we still service many of our original clients. We operate with the highest "Duty-Of-Care" standards in the industry and can furnish Certificates of Insurance and provide extensive references upon request.

Other Options for Transport

We have many options available.  We can meet all special requests.