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Transportation Services for Hotels and Resorts in Naples

hotels-resortsOcean Line Transportation Inc. of Naples provides far much more than typical transportation services for Hotels and Resorts. We offer exclusive and non-exclusive, full service transportation services programs, which include airport transportation services, destination transportation services, shopping or night out limo services excursions, and valet parking services options (see Valet Parking Services-“Add Value Program”). We will also sponsor your Naples Hotel or Resort as one of our “recommended providers”, where your venue will appear on the main page of our site for a limited period of time. Our “recommended providers” section is provided free of charge, unless specific agreements for extended advertising are made. Ocean Line Transportation Inc. will work with your hotel and resort staff, as well as the marketing team to establish as many avenues of business with which we can work together. Ocean Line Transportation Inc. also has an established Membership program, and we would be glad to fit you into our programs.
Naples Hotels and Resorts Preferred Transportation Services

It seems that more and more hotels and resort in and around the Naples area are offering airport transportation services for their guests. This is an option that most guests find to be very helpful. Logically thinking, your hotel or resort’s guest would need to make airport transportation services reservations well in advance, or be left to the mercy of taxi cab drivers who very well might increase the price of his fares to Naples. The transportation services program offered by Ocean Line Transportation Inc. is second to none in Naples.
Preferred Transportation Services for Naples Hotels and Resorts’ Guests

There are quite a few guests at Naples hotels and resorts that fly into town, but have no desire to rent a car to drive to their desired attractions. Let’s face it! Traveling in SW FL can be difficult, considering that few people use their directional and many go from the far right lane to the left turn lane without warning or braking. Oftentimes, it is safer for the guests at hotels and resorts in Naples to have a transportation services company that works hand in hand with the hotel. Ocean Line Transportation Inc. offers personalized limo services for guests of the hotels and resorts classified as their “recommended provider’s” in Naples.
Complete Preferred Transportation Services for Hotels and Resorts in Naples

The guests staying at the Naples hotels and resorts that are on Ocean Line Transportation Inc.’s “preferred providers” list will be given preferential treatment by our limo services drivers. Whether they want a night out on the town, have a spa day, go on a shopping spree or simply want a tour of the area, our professional drivers will see to all of their needs. Call Ocean Line Transportation Inc. at 239-249-8039 to learn more about the “recommended provider” program for hotels and resorts in Naples.